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3D Mapping Of 41.4 MW (3X13.8) Hydroelectric Power Station

Client: One of the global leaders in power generation and rail infrastructure. This power station was built in 1956 by English Electric Co. UK (Now Alstom France) over river Sharda. This power station is located in the state of Uttarakhand and operated by an Uttarakhand state government enterprise. For optimization of resources and to tide over the shortage of electricity in the country, the state movement had awarded Alstom India with the Renovation & Modernization, Up-rating and Life Extension (RMU&LE) of the existing old hydro electric power project as they considered it as a cost effective option to ensure efficiency, better availability and also to augment capacity addition. The Client had involved SES to carry out 3D mapping and as-building of the entire power plant using our unique 3D laser scanning technology to enable them to carry out OEM engineering for replacement of turbines & generators under their R&M objectives Download