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Technology Solutions

Shiva Engineering Services‘ process engineering team forms an immensely important part of the strategic development of the business and these process engineering strengths, covering all industrial sectors enable us to provide valuable support to our clients. This includes both operational experience and the design and implementation of Projects for manufacturing sites.The engineering team at Shiva Engineering Services is capable of undertaking all aspects of process design and are particularly adept at liaising closely with clients to develop Projects from a conceptual scheme to the preparation of sanction grade estimates and then through to the detailed design, implementation and commissioning.

We offer special expertise in diverse engineering solutions that enables us to better understand the project requirements and provide high-quality comprehensive knowledge-based solutions. Thereby, we provide high quality solutions with faster engineering deliveries. Our solutions of excellence enable our clients to obtain innovative yet practical, cost effective solutions to various projects. We will be pleased to send you more of our company information.

Key Services Include:

  • Design Build Systems
  • Process Solutions
  • Pilot Plants
  • Modular Design & Construction
  • Skid Based Solutions