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Process Simulation

At SES, we have employed process simulation and modeling in diverse engineering applications. Facility design, manufacturing operations management and many more sectors are covered under our services.

Our process modeling & simulation capabilities enable us to evaluate multiple process permutations and develop production scenarios.

Which tasks are carried out by process modeling?

  • Conducting “what if” analysis,
  • Risk evaluation,
  • Assessment of operating costs,
  • Designing methods to reduce capital.

Which tasks are carried out by process simulation?

  • Optimization of an existing facility,
  • Debottlenecking of a process
  • Impact analysis of process changes on utilities, equipment and resources.
Process modeling and simulation provides optimization and supports maximum throughput and efficiency.

Our robust and dynamic simulation models are extensively used by our clients since they serve as predictive indicators to enhance their critical decision-making process and greatly contribute to de-bottlenecking.

The Advantage of Process Simulation

The speed and accuracy that process simulation provides saves tremendous time and money. And everything is automatic, with just one software command. This also allows quick process design optimization.

When there is a cut-throat competition in the field of manufacturing, it is not possible to achieve the best results within a limited project budget without the use of simulation.

Why Choose Shiva Engineering Services?

We promote profitable lean manufacturing since it is an essential requirement for industries like Food & CPG, Chemicals, Specialty Chemicals and Agrochemicals etc.

Process Modeling and Simulation Services are among our core technical offerings. Our team of expert engineers & designers can help you solve unusual or complex problems. Email us with your queries at We might be able to provide you the most cost-effective solution for your plant, facility or business!