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EPC services

EPC Excellence at Shiva Engineering Services:

Shiva Engineering Services provides reliable EPC services (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) to deliver high-performing projects. We have established a track record of providing conceptual design that adds substantial cost-savings to business-owners. SES has been able to achieve the topmost position in the market because of our exceptional project team and wide resource base.

How Can We Help You?

World-Class Project Management Services: Our extensive depth of engineering resources, experienced land survey staff, highly skilled and knowledgeable commissioning engineers, construction managers, support and maintenance staff are key to the success of SES.

As a global engineering and EPC Company, SES has an extensive experience in delivering large EPC and EPCM projects. We have the ability and expertise to manage our clients’ projects within the allocated budget and a given timeframe.

Engineering Services:

As a part of EPC services, SES delivers a full range of engineering services and cost-effective solutions to all its clients in order to maximize their assets and increase their long-term business success.

Our engineers prepare a detailed feasibility report which includes:

  • a) site selection study,
  • b) market analysis,
  • c) strategy for procurement,
  • d) cost estimation,
  • e) Financial evaluation.
Shiva engineering services include front-end engineering and design that range from all disciplines: such as electrical, mechanical, civil, instrumentation and structural engineering. You can also benefit from our advanced EPC services which include disciplines like process technology, interactive 3D simulation and more.

Additionally, we offer hazard identification studies, health, safety and environmental review.

Procurement Services:

Our procurement specialists provide comprehensive procurement services using local resources and global supplier network. The core capabilities of the procurement team include:

  • a) Purchasing
  • b) Capacity Assessments
  • c) Supplier Capability
  • d) Measuring Performance of the Supplier
  • e) Checking Quality of the Supplier
  • f) Vendor Development

Construction Services

SES is the country leader in providing state-of-the-art construction execution facilities and services across a broad spectrum of both large and small sized industries. We can also reach out to the remote locations to meet the all the EPC requirements of our clients.

When the project needs to be constructed from the scratch, we deploy resources that can meet critical deadlines while also providing cost, quality and performance benefits to all our clients.

While acting as a construction manager for a project, SES hires subcontractors to meet stringent safety guidelines and execution excellence, not compromising on quality at the same time.

Why should you choose us?

We strive to consistently provide integrated engineering, procurement and construction to successfully execute large capital projects. Our clients have testified to our competence in delivering projects on time and within budget. One of the main reasons clients choose us is that we are reliable and we provide all the services that are necessary for seamless project execution.

If you have a question or a comment regarding EPC services, you can email us on!