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Project & Program Management

SES has an in-house Project management team led by Project Managers (PM) who are responsible for making on the spot decisions in favor of the project. The PM is supported by Project Management Office (PMO). This team under the PM is supported by a three tier resource structure, comprising of core team of lead engineers, engineers and designers for each discipline. These project managers act the single point of contact and an interface between the clients’ and SES teams available for round the clock support during the execution of the project.

The primary function of PMO

  • Timely execution of project scope
  • Budget tracking
  • Drive communication & Issues resolution
  • Manage Staffing
  • Contract/Supplier relationship management
  • Maintain quality delivery processes, change management

By providing expert leadership from the inception of the project, we assure our clients to provide timely delivery. When we take decisions on the clients’ behalf, we make sure that we find the smartest and the most cost effective solution. We also offer project management consultancy exclusively for capital as well as sustenance projects.

We also engage with our customers on program basis where all the day to day needs, capacity expansions, replacements and other small sustenance projects as well as capital expansions are included. In such a program based engagement the entire program management is carried out through a single window interface. This helps in easier coordination and has huge cost benefits to the client in terms of procurement & sourcing leverages, pre-planned construction & execution and therefore optimized shut down windows.

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