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Safety & Health

“Think safety, work safely”

Safety is fundamental to our everyday culture, whether working in the office or from a project site. Shiva Engineering Services (SES) is dedicated to operating and maintaining projects in a safe manner. We are wholly committed first and foremost to a safe and healthy work environment. Our safety record places us in the top echelon of engineering, construction, and maintenance companies. We have trained our field management personnel in the recognition, avoidance and prevention of conditions and behaviors that lead to accidents.

We have proactively incorporated the “Life-Preserving” safety standards into everything we do. We firmly believe that these “Life-Preserving” safety standards will enable us to achieve its goal of zero employee injuries, property damage and an environmentally friendly and sustainable workplace.

Safety at SES also extends to Information Security and Asset Protection, ensuring that client data and intellectual property as well as company information & properties are safeguarded.

Our safety policy considers the below objectives:

  • Engineer, design and construct plants with importance on plant safety, reliability and environment.
  • Develop, communicate, implement & maintain our defined HSE policy.
  • Provide safe & healthy work place to all employees. We shall define fire evacuation plan and smoke zones for employees and visitors.
  • Comply with relevant HSE, legal and other requirements and customer standards.
  • Achieve continual improvements in our HSE performance with the involvement of all our stakeholders.