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The history of Shiva Engineering Services (SES) traces back to 2009 when the Company was established as an engineering services firm. The sole motive to establish the Company was to offer quality engineering services that are on budget and on time for the enhancement of our clients’ profitability.

Over the years, Shiva Engineering Services has earned a credible reputation as a professional, committed and result-oriented business entity. The Company has evolved over time from providing pure engineering services to providing all encompassing engineering, procurement and construction management services. Today, Shiva Engineering Services is one of the leading companies with a comprehensive gamut of engineering services and engagement models to serve domestic and international clientele across the industrial segments.

On a bedrock of strong foundation, Shiva Engineering Services is heading towards a bright future where our capabilities and expertise will consistently evolve to meet the dynamic needs of industries across the globe.

Management & Leadership Team

The seamless integration of the best available technical resources and human personnel having top-notch expertise and experience makes Shiva Engineering Services a force to reckon with. At the forefront of all the developments and growth is our comprehensive management and leadership team. Fully equipped to tackle ever-evolving engineering needs, our collaborative team track the pulse of global engineering developments that helps us propel swiftly on our roadmap to success and excellence.

Our project leadership at Shiva Engineering Services value each customer and deploys the best resources, project leaders and bespoke organizational processes to provide specific, time-bound and value driven engineering solutions


Our people are our most important asset. It is the skills of our people that our customers value; in particular, our ability to deliver complex projects safely, on time and on budget.

The knowledge, domain expertise and experience of our people accelerates the sustainable growth of the company. Over the years, the capability team of Shiva Engineering Services has been gradually ramped up and nurtured keeping in mind- the market and industry, customer requirements and streamlined delivery processes.

We are empowered with a multi-disciplinary engineering team comprising of professional project managers, domain experts, capability leads, engineers and designers with years of collective experience & expertise, working with diverse industrial backgrounds.

At SES, we have the capability to undertake and successfully deliver projects with capital ranging from 100 Million INR to 3000 Million INR.

Office & Infrastructure

Headquartered in Vadodara, the cultural and business hub of the progressive state of Gujarat, Shiva Engineering Services boasts an expansive workplace of more than 10,000 sq.ft. The premises has the capacity to house and provide generous working environment for our resources to work with their full efficiency.

Recently SES has also registered a sales & support office in US (Delaware) where our clients in US and India can benefit from advanced process engineering technology solutions for various industrial sectors. We combine the process know from various technologies along with engineering to bring value added solutions.

Our offices in Vadodara, Mumbai and US have state of art infrastructure equipped with large conference rooms, meeting rooms and huddle rooms for discussions. Our Vadodara (Gujarat) office is also setup with communication technologies like audio/visual conferencing, remote web-based screen sharing access, web server, email server, secured share points server for large data transfer. Our offices are connected on secured high speed local area network (LAN) and internet which enables our clients, vendors/suppliers and project teams to remain seamlessly connected across various locations.

We also have manufacturing capabilities and can supply modular plants, fabricated equipment, pressure vessels as well a pilot plants, skid based process modules and plants for the process industry.

Our branch pilot office in the city of Mumbai (Maharashtra), having more than 1,500 sq.ft. floor space serves as the centre for our delivery teams to execute work of that region.

Our IT teams follows the highest level of security procedures where utmost importance is given to client Data security & confidentiality/IP protection, communication systems, security processes & procedures, back-up systems & facilities (for power, internet access, data)

Our project teams and resources have expertise on a gamut of software tools to ensure that the design and the design basis is verified and validated before moving on to next steps in the engineering life cycle of a project.

Purpose & Differentiators

Our vision at Shiva Engineering Services lays the marker for our all endeavours.

“Be one of leaders in the engineering & construction services business and provide global, flexible, speedy, low cost and innovative technology solutions and best in class quality services to the industry.”

Instilled with this belief and a vision that Shiva Engineering Services will be counted as one of the globally acclaimed engineering companies, all our people put concerted efforts towards attaining our mission.

“To deliver engineering designs which are defect free where our clients derive the best measurable value by cost avoidance, design optimisation & construction savings. We will strive to implement the most innovative engineering concepts in practice”

At Shiva Engineering Services, we strongly believe that engineering is an effective planning of capital & execution, which should translate not only to optimized capital but also cost efficient construction and start-up with minimum time. Good engineering should leverage the best available technologies and consider the optimum life cycle cost of the project for maximizing true value.

We take pride in our unique approach to design and construction that sets us apart from our counterparts. In each of our project, we look for below mentioned strategic opportunities.

  • Any alternate materials or technologies that can be substituted in design?
  • How can design & construction be modularized?
  • How much can be pre-fabricated, offsite fabricated in workshops?
  • How much of capital can be sourced at low cost?
  • How much can be pre-worked before a major shutdown?
  • How can this project achieve a vertical start-up?

A comprehensive review of above questions by our project team with the clients helps us understand the impact of each of the above strategies and its significant future implications in construction and operational cost.

Shiva Engineering Services takes up projects targeting similar strategic objectives, using advanced integrated design platforms, software tools, micro-planning and advanced technologies, we ensure our clients achieve measurable value benefits.

We aim and envision ourselves to be a “Single Source Engineering Partner” for our customers with full service capabilities under a single roof.

We do not outsource/sub-let any services. If our client needs support on any new capability area, we invest in developing such capabilities with required lead time. This also enables us to provide a single window interface to our clients for all their requirements on a typical project or a program.

Our engagements are relationship based, where we serve our customers on all their projects need- large or small, complex or straightforward, revamp or modification. We work with them on long term basis bringing the advantage of knowledge based efficiencies and technological edge at lower costs, better quality and lesser time.