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Intellectual Property

Shiva Engineering Services (SES) is also an ISO 27001:2008 certified for Information Security Management System (ISMS). We are aware about confidentiality and such confidentiality shall be maintained with vendor/supplier through the non-disclosure agreement.

SES infrastructure takes into consideration critical factors needed to build a long-term relationship with our engineering clients including: Data security & confidentiality / IP protection, communication systems, security processes & procedures, back-up systems & facilities (for power, internet access, data, etc.)

Access to software and information is allowed only for authorized users. A list of database/applications/users along with their access rights for read/ write/ delete/ execute etc. is maintained for department. The access rights are reviewed once in a quarter and any redundant rights are withdrawn. Whenever there is a change in responsibility/ transfer of user/ separation the above list is updated after due authorization. Secure areas are protected by appropriate entry controls to ensure that only authorized personnel are allowed to access. No photographic, video, audio or other recording equipment are allowed inside the premises, unless authorized. Any movement of equipment, information or software is allowed only with proper authorization. All these movements are logged and records maintained for all outgoing and incoming items.